Analyze, Inspect, and Test digital telephone lines for taps or other eavesdropping devices…

▪Digital Demodulation to confirm that the telephone line is not passing audio (demodulation code is upgradable for new phone systems, expected to cover 80% of world’s PBX/ACD phone systems).
▪Frequency Domain reflect meter (FDR) similar to TDR to check for taps on the line.
▪NLJD Line Trace Probe for verifying electronic taps and tracing wires to locate electronics.
▪Audio Oscilloscope with active input (20Hz to 20KHz)
▪High Gain Audio Amplifier (20Hz to 20KHz)
▪Digital Multi meter tests voltage, current, resistance & capacitance.
▪Bias Generator +-80 VDC, direct digital control to use with Audio Amplifier, NLJD, and FDR.
▪Automatic Internal Pair switching automatically performs tests on all pair combinations.
▪Base-band and composite video detect and capture checks for video on lines
▪RF Broadband Detector tests lines for RF up to 8GHz
▪Multi-Test Database System performs multiple tests at once, on all pair combinations, storing data in a database for comparison against other lines and historical comparison.