VoiceGRID Local

자동 음성 인식 시스템
(Voice Biometric Solutions)

STC Voice Biometric Solutions provide essential voice identification functionality to take advantage of the vast amount of audio data available as a byproduct of today’s recording technologies and operations.

Voice mails, 911 calls and communications, call center inquiries, and recordings made during suspect and investigative interviews can all be utilized to create databases of known or suspect voices in a passive manner. In an active approach, voice samples can be collected during the booking process or via mobile devices at the same time fingerprint and/or facial images are acquired. Historically this data had limited use beyond fundamental review and rudimentary analysis of the monolog or dialog.

▪Quickly identify or eliminate speakers under investigation
▪Create, monitor and manage the voice database
▪Interfaces directly to IKAR Lab (optional upgrade) for expert forensic analysis
▪Live enrollment from booking process or other controlled environment
▪Batch input and data migration